Generating Reports

The Reports page provides access to historical data about your company's users in a variety of ways.

Page Overview


  1. The Report Builder allows you select the type of report to run and the settings to use.

  2. The Run Report button allows you to see the report in your web browser. Whereas the Save As CSV button provides a file you can use in your spreadsheet application on your computer.

  3. When you run a report the Report Output area will be populated with the data you requested. Most reports are simple tables, while others are interactive.

Report Types

Task Report Information about user's tasks on a range of days. It also provides access to the photos associated with that task.

Location Playback Report An interactive map that displays the route taken by the user through a day.

Daily Idle Report Displays when user's have been sitting idle in the same location for a pre-determined amount of time.

User Tracking Report A table version of the Location Playback Report, useful for checking speeds and distance traveled.

Archived Users

If you have requested that a user be archived you can still access their historical data through the Reports section as you would any other user. Archived users appear at the bottom of any list of users, marked with the label [Archived].