Enabling Restrictions on iOS

Your IT staff may wish to prevent accidental or purposeful removal of the aGENDA application. Fortunately, Apple has included a Restrictions feature which enables us to lock down a device and prevent unauthorized removal of aGENDA.

Step 1: Open Settings

A screenshot of the iOS home screen displaying the Settings icon

Step 2: Select General

A screenshot of the list of options which appear under General

Step 3: Select Restrictions

A screenshot of the list of options which appear under Restrictions

Step 4: Enable Restrictions and set a passcode

This passcode will be required in the future to perform any actions you restrict, such as installing a new application. We would recommend that you keep record of the passcode in the same way you would other sensitive passwords. If the passcode is lost, the device will have to be erased completely.
A screenshot of the enable passcode screen asking for a 4 digit passcode

Step 5: Disable App and Purchase Related Features

We recommend disabling Installing Apps, as well as Deleting Apps. Disabling iTunes Store & In-App Purchases will help prevent any unexpected charges to the device's iTunes account. You should review all settings and make selections which best fit your organization.
A screenshot of the list of Restrictions with some of the features disabled

Step 6: Disable Changes to Location Services

Disabling the ability to make changes to Location Services prevents the user from disabling the tracking feature of aGENDA.
A screenshot of the list of the Location Services option in Restrictions with Don't Allow Changes selected