Enabling Restrictions on Android

Your IT staff may wish to prevent accidental or purposeful removal of the aGENDA application. Unfortunately, Android does not allow us to simply block the deleting of applications alone. Described below is a workaround that ensures a passode be entered before installing or removing an application.

We are using an application called "Smart App Protector" by a group called SpSoft. It is a free application which can make it possible to prevent launching selected applications until the user enters a passcode.

Since every device is different, there may be more or fewer applications that need to be locked in order to prevent this. Please test your device thoroughly afterwards to ensure the best results.

Here is how to install and configure the application on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Step 1: Open the Application Launch


Step 2: Locate and Run the Google Play Store


Step 3: Search for "Smart App Protector" and Select Install

When installing it will present you with a list of permissions the application requires, simply hit "Accept" in this screen.

Step 4: Run Smart App Protector in the Application Launcher


Step 5: Enter the Default Passcode of 7777

This application is protected, so you must enter a passcode. The default is 7777.

Step 6: Smart App Protector Main Screen

From here we can change the passcode and hint. We can also add applications to lock.

Step 7: Tap the Key Icon

We'll change the passcode and hint first.

Step 8: Tap "Password" and Enter New Password

In the list that appears is an option labeled "Password" and you will receive this box. Enter a new password. A good suggestion would be to use a different random key per device, but this will be more difficult to manage. The passcode is not limited to 4 numbers.

Step 9: Also Change the Password Hint

This will be seen by the user. It would not be advisable to include the actual passcode here.

Step 10: Select Add from the Main Screen

Once the passcode and hint are changed, return to the main screen using the back button. Then tap on the Add button.

Step 11: Select All Recommended Apps

The recommended list of apps is a good starting place to prevent uninstallation. Make sure there are green checkmarks next to Package Installer, Settings, and Task Manager.

Step 12: Also Lock the Play Store

Scroll down in the list and location the Play Store. Locking this will insure new applications cannot be installed as well. Click Add when done.

Step 13: Test That It Works

You should test that the application locks are in place by attempting to uninstall an application. You can do so from inside the Settings application, which should ask you for a password. Then in Applications > Manage Applications you can select an application and remove it.