Managing Your Android Devices

As we help our customers roll out to their fleets we have had to help them address challenges that you are likely to face as well.

Below are tutorials and tips on how to perform common device management operations which you may find helpful.

Google Play Store Accounts

Installing aGENDA Mobile requires that each device has a Google account setup on the device. This account is used by the store to authorize the installation of any software on the device. Organizations may wish to use a single account on all devices, to ease management. Others may wish to have a separate account for each user. Consult with your technical staff to device which is best.

If employees are issued a company device, which is to remain with them at all times, having multiple Google accounts is likely best. If your employees work from a pool of devices, and use a different one each day, a single Google account is likely best.

Prevent Installing or Removing Applications

Should management or IT staff want keep users from uninstalling aGENDA Mobile from their devices, we have written a tutorial which will show you how to lock various applications from running which will prevent unauthorized users from installing or uninstalling applications.

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