aGENDA is a unique application combining our web interface with iOS™ or Android™ mobile devices, creating a powerful dispatch and task management system that will change the way you do business! aGENDA is all you need for efficient route optimization, navigation, tracking, task management and reporting while eliminating paperwork, resulting in massive cost savings.

We've been using aGENDA® for the past year and are completely amazed at how it's changed the way we run our business. We have a fleet of over 60 trucks and have calculated our first year's savings to be over $900,000 and the succeeding 2 years savings to be over a million dollars each year - that's over 3 million dollars in savings in just three short years!

Rich Chacon
Director of Operations -- CDSRVS
Key Features

Route Optimization

Load a list of locations from formatted (Excel) CSV spreadsheet into aGENDA for efficient route optimization. More Info


Mobile users will receive accurate, turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation so they get to their destinations on time. More Info

Task Management

Assign tasks for users on your CSV file and they will be uploaded along with destinations for your mobile user. Tasks may be altered "on the fly" and users will immediately be alerted to changes to their schedules. More Info


Experience full-featured, real-time tracking viewable from any computer or Android tablet/smartphone with internet connection. More Info

Proof of Service

Not only are destinations time stamped, the "Snap Photo" feature allows users to quickly access camera function and send via email to document unusual conditions or proof of service. More Info


Digital reports including information for date, time, speed, distance and addresses as well as viewable replays of tracking history are available. Data for digital time sheet is also recorded. More Info

Environmentally Conscious

Keep your company running green by lowering fuel consumption with efficient routes and improved driving behavior while saving paper and ink by utilizing our digital instructions and records. More Info


Saves time by increasing employee efficiency, saves fuel by improving driving behavior, saves paper & ink with digital task documentation and reduces billing time when tied to your accounting software… all adding to your bottom line! More Info

You Need aGENDA

If you manage mobile employees, then there's a reason for you to use one or all of the productivity tools available with aGENDA. Interested in reducing operational costs? Looking to improve employee accountability? Hoping to shrink your company's carbon footprint? aGENDA will help you accomplish these goals. Here are just a few industries that benefit from the aGENDA system:

  • Construction / Maintenance
  • Delivery Service
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Sales Force
  • Any other business using mobile employees!